Technology increases….prices should go down right?

I was reading the newspaper today and came across an article in the LA Times(1) talking about how movie theaters are implementing more technology to drum up more business.  Movie goers are more savvy these days and use their cell phone(smart phone) for pretty much everything.

The one line in the article that intrigued me was “The service includes a surcharge, about $1.25 a ticket in the Los Angeles area, for online ticket purchases. Fandango shares that revenue with theaters.”

Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute.  They just implemented new technology which makes it more efficient, eliminate the need to pay someone and yet there’s a charge for it?  Does this not seem backward to you?  Instead of decreasing the price to make some more affordable they are tacking on additional charges.

This segues into a different topic but also has a similar impact, which is the ban of plastic bags at the supermarkets.  I heard of some places in Los Angeles and Long Beach that have implemented this ban already and will charge the customer 10 cents per bag if they don’t have something else to carry their purchases in.  Look, I’m all for being environmentally friendly but if the supermarket/chain stores no longer have to carry the bags then they need to reduce their price.  Instead they not only profit from the ban but also make additional money by charging the customer if they don’t have their own.

Think about it.  Our cost of living keeps on going up every year and the prices for goods & services increase a couple of times over what we get in salary increase (and I’m talking in general here).  Yet implementing these automation doesn’t decrease the cost why should we use them?


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Happy Friday!

TGIF!!  I am by no mean a country music lover but this song caught my attention.  I really like melody and the lyrics are reflective of how I feel on a Friday

“I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand
Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand
Life is good today, life is good today”

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That annoying MLS listing and how persistence paid off.

We (my wife and I) had purchased our house well over a year ago.  After the close of escrow and handing over of the keys I thought everything was done.  I had noticed that the MLS listing for the house was never close but I figured it wasn’t a big deal so I just let it be.  Over the course of the past year, I would see a stranger in front of my house taking pictures here once in a while.  That didn’t really bother me until recently I was washing the dishes and looking out the front window and seeing a couple of strangers looking at my house.  I came out and politely ask them if I could help them.  They said they thought the house was for sale and they really liked it.  I told that unfortunately the house was already sold and that the listing agent never closed it.

At this point I got really annoyed.  The listing agent, who was also the buying agent (she double ended the deal) didn’t take care of something so simple.  I made it my goal to get this taken care of.  So for a week straight, I would email, call (leave voice message) and text every day to the agent.  Who still didn’t respond to my call.  I happen to be driving home one day and I noticed one of the houses for sale that she was the listing agent so it had her number on the sign.  I called the number and it was her office number and left a message.  Finally I got a text back saying that she had closed it.  So with the help of one of my buddies, who is a real estate agent, checked on MLS and it still wasn’t closed.

So at this point I’m thinking to myself…okay, what can I do to make this work.  I was thinking about reporting her…but to who?  So I did some Googling and turns out there are Association of Realtors for each county.  The listing agent apparently belonged to Orange County Association of Realtors.  So I call them, reported the issue, and sure enough I get an email back in the afternoon from the listing agent saying she had closed the listing.  I had my friend check MLS and sure enough….the listing was FINALLY close.

I tell you, I’m disappointed in this relator. Instead of apologizing for not taking care of the issue to begin with, she decides to just ignore me until I found the Association of Realtors to bring the hammer down on her.

I’m just glad my persistence paid off.  I felt like it was a small win for the little guy but it surely put a smile on my face today.  I was told by a buddy of mine that the realtors get fined for issues like this.  So my advice to you, should you ever run into an issue like this.  Go straight to the Association of Realtors and make the real estate agent accountable.

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ClientId=Static and getting rid of the “ContentPlaceHolder1_” id

Hmmm three post in a row about coding….I better blog about something else after this :-p

I finally got the master page finished and was working on moving a couple of the controls I had originally placed on the master page to the appropriate content page.  When I built and run the app, everything look good except for a menu control (asp:menu) that I had in the content page.  At first I was thinking that there was something wrong with the CSS, as if it didn’t take.  But after a closer look, all the other controls on the page took the CSS correct, except for the .NET control.  Using FireBug I noticed that the ID of the .NET control showed as “id=ContentPlaceHolder1_right_nav_” even though it should have only been “id=right_nav”. So to get rid of the “ContentPlaceHolder1_” is a simple fix. Set the .NET control “ClientIDMode=”Static” and it will render the control with the correct name.  In case you’re wondering why this happens,

per MSDN:

“When the control is inside another control, the UniqueID property contains the value of the ID property concatenated with the name of the naming container. Controls that can act as containers for other controls generate a naming container, which is an ID namespace for their child controls. Controls that act as a naming container implement the INamingContainer interface. Examples of naming-container controls include the ListView and Repeater, DataGrid controls.”

ClientID Static

Static . The ClientID property contains the value from the ID property without any modification. You use this value when you need the ClientID property to remain the same in all scenarios, and you have only one instance of the control on a page. You can also use this value to minimize the length of generated ClientID values, either to simplify client script or to improve performance by reducing the size of client script that is sent to the browser. When server controls are located in naming containers, the AutoID algorithm can generate very long ClientID values.

Link to the article:




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Asp:Menu selected item highlight in version 4.0

Wow, two post in one day, you can tell what kinda of day I’ve been having.

As stated in the previous post I’ve been tinkering with some web site design.  So I overcame my first obstacle which was center the asp:menu control.  The 2nd issue I ran into was trying to figure out show the selected item as being highlighted using the css I had.

I admit, at first I thought this was really simple right.  On the page load for the master page, loop through, find the page and set the MenuItem selected to be true…..Wrong!

So on my master page, I have this:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
//[Finds the selected page and triggers the .selected in the #menu for css]
foreach (MenuItem item in menu.Items)
if (this.ResolveUrl(item.NavigateUrl).ToLower() == this.Request.Url.LocalPath.ToLower())
item.Selected = true;

Which didn’t do anything so I’m sitting there and scratching my head going wth?  Did some more searching and tried all sort of thing like adding the “StaticMenuItemStyle-CssClass” attribute but that didn’t work either.  I finally found a couple of articles that talked about the issue I was having.

This describes the problem:

This is where the fix is:

Here’s my CSS for the menu.  See the bottom line that I’ve added.  Once that was added, voila, it worked the way I had expected it to.

#menu ul{
list-style:none;padding:0 0 0 230px;display:block;
#menu ul li{
list-style:none;display:inline;float:left;width:auto;height:42px;padding:0px;line-height:42px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:13px;
#menu ul li a{
height:42px; width: auto;float:left;text-decoration:none;padding:0 0 0 25px; margin:0px 3px 0px 3px;color:#fff;text-align:center;
#menu ul li a:hover{
height:42px;width: auto;text-decoration:none;color: #fff;padding:0 0 0 25px; background:url(‘/images/menu_arrow.gif’) no-repeat left 50%;
#menu ul li a.current{
height:42px;width: auto;float:left;text-decoration:none;padding:0px;color: #fff;padding:0 0 0 25px; background:url(‘/images/menu_arrow.gif’) no-repeat left 50%;
#menu ul li a.static.selected{
height:42px;width: auto;float:left;text-decoration:none;padding:0px;color: #fff;padding:0 0 0 25px; background:url(‘/images/menu_arrow.gif’) no-repeat left 50%;

I do want to say that I’m impress that Microsoft did a lot better job with the asp:menu control since it was first release.  I really like how it’s rendering as a regular ul and li tags.

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ASP:Menu and Centering in a DIV tag

Okay okay, I know this is so not me to be writing about something not off the wall.  I thought I share some coding information I found since it was driving me nuts.  I searched Google most of yesterday and found that there are a handful of users out there having similar problems as myself.  However, I never saw how to resolve the issue.

I’ve been tinkering with some website design.  I found some CSS that I liked and applied those to an ASP.NET web application.  Originally I used the CSS for the entire page without using any web controls.  After talking to a buddy of mine, he suggested that I used the asp:menu control instead of using the standard ul & li for the menu bar.  Just for kicks, I decided to use it and it works out better since I didn’t have to use the JavaScript and Jquery to determine which pages was highlighted in the menu bar.   The CSS integrated great with it so it was almost a drag and drop and the CSS was applied (since set the asp:menu to have the same ID as the div tag that originally encompassed the ul & li).  The only problem I ran into was that I couldn’t center the menu bar (asp:menu).  I tried everything I could think of, such as setting the margin-left, margin-right, margin:0 px auto;, etc….).  With my friends help, we used FireBug and inspected the element to do the comparison between the HTML page that came from CSS template to the ASP.NET page that I was using to see the difference.  Turns out that the .NET control  had added some additional styling to the header of the page that was overwriting the CSS that I had.  After a lot more Googling, I came across this and I wanted to share it so that anyone having the same problem can solve it as well.

“The default value for this attribute is 4.0. Note that the 4.0 menu control still produces a style block at the top of the page, but you turn this off by setting the IncludeStyleBlock property of the control to false.”

Once I turned of the “IncludeStyleBlock” property it worked like a charm.  A couple of things I wanted to mention here.  I read some form post where people had set the compatibility back to 3.5, which is okay but then it renders it  as a table.  The one thing I did like about 4.0 was that it rendered it like regular HTML (ul & li).  In case you are wondering, the asp:menu control was placed in my master page.

Well off to solve the next problem now that I finally have the formatting of the page correctly.

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A New Change…

Here at, we the people who bring you ridiculous posting, have experienced some technical difficulties over the past few days.  Our previous hosting had expire and it took some coordination to be able to move it over to a new hosting company.  Which I might add seems to be faster.

Wishing my readers a Happy New Year, until my next adventure.

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Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas.  Since it’s Christmas eve eve (no that was not a mistake to write eve twice since it’s only the 23rd) and the last work day before Christmas, I thought it’d be fun to listen to some Christmas melodies to get into the spirit of Christmas.

I always like to reflect on Christmas as I get older.  Things change so much as you age especially with the holidays.  I remember as a kid, listening to and singing along with the Christmas songs.  My parents house was always decorated.  My dad would bring out the fake Christmas tree and hang up the ornaments.  Every year he would setup the nativity scene and every year he’d come up with a different design.  Instead of opening presents on Christmas morning, our family tradition would be to go to Church on Christmas eve, come home and have dinner, and after all that we would get to open presents.  Some years it goes late into the night, like 2 am, since Christmas mass wouldn’t be until 10PM.

I think back now and how much fun it was.  These days I think how Christmas is so stressful.  You’re out trying to find gifts, dealing with traffic, and then encounter so many people that are rude.  It takes the joy out of Christmas and the age of innocence is lost. Christmas has become a consumer holiday.  We forget the most important thing of all, not the gifts, not the worries, not the stress, it’s about spending time with our family and love ones.  So spend a few minutes this holiday, relax, and just enjoy a good time with your family & loved ones.

A couple of Christmas songs I remember listening to when I was a kid.  The bring back such good memories.

Brenda Lee – Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Dr. Elmo – Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Sonny James – Barefoot Santa Claus


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Scenery around SoCal

Some scenery around Southern California I wanted to share.


The water fountain in front of Knotts Berry Farm

Watching the Newport Beach Annual Boat Parade near Balboa Island


Odd...a heavy rain day in Southern California

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The Ketchup Song

I was digging through my music collection and came across this song so I started listening to it and then finally watched the music video.  I’m impressed, not by the song, but how fast these girls sing.  I’ve attached video, the links to Wikipedia, and also the lyrics.

Per Wikipedia (

The first verse of Rapper’s Delight: “I say the hip hop, the hippie…”, pronounced phonetically in Spanish the way it would sound to someone who does not understand English, becomes the chorus of The Ketchup Song. Although technically meaningless and sometimes referred to as gibberish, the chorus is a more-or-less phonetic pronunciation of the first verse almost in its entirety.[citation needed]

I said a hip hop, the hippie, the hippie
Aserejé ja de jé de jebe
do the hip hip hop, a you don’t stop
tu de jebere sebiunouva
the rockin’ to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie
majabi an de bugui
to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat
an de buididipí


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