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The sprinkler issue

Posted by on June 29, 2013

I had to write this article today because the solution to my problem was so simple.  Since we’ve been in the house, I’ve probably change quite a few sprinkler heads and nipples.  In my front yard, about a year after we moved in, I discovered a hidden sprinkler head that was buried underneath the grass.  Tried as I may, replacing the sprinkler head and nipples (before you start laughing, the nipple is the plastic piece that connects the pvc pipe to the sprinkler head) had no effect, the sprinkler head would pop up, but very little water would come out of it.  More recently, I had a couple more sprinkler heads in the backyard that were having the same issues.  My initial thought was that there was a crack in the line.  But after giving that some thought, that didn’t make sense as if there was a crack, the water pressure on the rest of the system would be worst and in my case, the water pressure was fine.

Out of dumb luck, I took the sprinkler head from the front yard and took it apart.  I noticed that there were a lot of mud in there so I cleaned it out.  It then dawned on me that there must be mud/dirt stuck in the system.  I then took a long nipple, about 8″, and screwed into the the pvc connecter and turned the water on.  Sure enough, about 2 seconds later after the pressure built up, BOOM!!!!  I saw a chunk of mud and debris in the water line shoot straight into the air and after that, clear water came through.  I then placed the sprinkler head back on the nipple and voila, it worked like a charm.  I did the same procedure with the sprinkler heads in the backyard and that cleared up the issue as well.

So the issue here is that when I turned on the sprinkler head, I had no water coming out.  The cause was that these sprinkler heads were the last outlet in the line.  So when dirt/mud got in there, probably from me changing out other sprinkler heads, it pushed them to the very end of the line and that’s why those sprinkler heads would end up having issues.

Til next time.  Hopefully someone finds this useful.

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