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Oh Distance Derby, why have you gone up in price?

Posted by on October 2, 2012

The Huntington Beach Derby, formally known as The Distance Derby, was a great race for many years.  I’ve ran the Distance Derby four times in the past 5 years and loved it because it was just a local race.  No frills, no thrills, and best of all the cost was dirt cheap.  The cost use to be $25 and it’d be mostly locals that showed up.  There would be a few hundred people, at most, at the start line and you’d start at the Huntington Beach Pier and head south toward Newport Beach.  A quick u-turn right before the bridge that crosses into Newport and headed straight for the dog beach and then another u-turn to head back to the pier.  Everything was on the boardwalk (beach path).  The run didn’t offer much in terms of give-aways etc.. but it was a great 10 mile run.

Well, the year is 2012 and starting last year, they revamp the Distance Derby to become the now the Beach Derby in which they combined the 10 miler, 10k, and beach activities that were once part of the Sunday Funday event.  It’s a good event for Huntington Beach but the cost has definitely soared.  I used to pay $25 to run this event.  In 2011, with a coupon code I paid $35.  This year, 2012, with a coupon code, it is $48…..waaaaay over priced.  So I’ve decided not to run this year and hoping to find myself another good local run that doesn’t quite cost an arm an leg.

To the city of Huntington Beach and the event sponsors, you guys took a great event, commercialized it and….well it’s just not what it use to be.

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