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Posted by on September 30, 2012

I use to own a Cannondale Jekyll 400 (2003) full suspension mountain bike.  At the time I bought that bike, which cost me close to 1k, all I wanted was a mountain bike and I didn’t know much about bikes.  Over the years, I rode that bike quite a bit but the one thing that always bothered me was that it was a full suspension, great on the dirt, sucks on the road since the suspension gives when you stand up and you lose quite a bit of momentum.

After having kids, I found out that full suspension bikes are just not kid friendly.  Can’t hook a trailer up to it and couldn’t attached a child seat to it since the rear fork configuration were different.  My friend ended up giving me his old mountain bike that weighed a ton…well at least that’s what it felt like to me.  But I was able to attached a child seat on it and I rode it around for a while.  The weight of that bike however was on the heavy side so I always struggled with it when I picked it up to put it away on the bike rack in the garage. So I just got tired of it…

So I started looking for different bikes and I had no idea what I wanted to get.  Luckily for me, I have a buddy that is really into biking so he said I should start looking at 29er’s.  I said what???  He said 29er’s, they been around for a while.  They are 29″ wheels as opposed to 26″ wheels which most bike are.

So I started looking into 29er and I wanted something different this time.  I wanted a bike without any suspension, which is called a rigid frame and no gears (well single speed) and it had to be light as my Cannondale.  Slightly off topic but a bike with front suspension is called a hard tail, no suspension on the rear.  Also difference between a single speed and fixed gear is that a single speed you can back peddle, you can’t with a fixed gear.  So I went to the local bike shop, found a 29er with the configuration that I like, rode it and I really liked it. Unfortunately, the gearing wasn’t right because it was a stunt/trick bike and it wasn’t good for cruising so I passed on it.

My friend had recommended I go to ( and check out their selection.  Which I did but I also did some research on my own.  I found two other bikes, a Redline and Cannondale that had the same specs but the price…well it was way more than what I found on so I ended up getting a Gravity 29 from

Here are the bikes from Redline and Cannondale with the same configuration.  I paid $349 for my bike.

I don’t regret buying the bike from, the price is great.  But you get what you pay for.  Don’t get me wrong, the bike is great but the finish and other things that you get from a high end bike is so much better.  My bikes has dings and scratches already cause it wasn’t powder coated, it was just a regular paint job.  However, it gets the job done and I really like it

My Gravity 29’er from

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