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Kid Friendly Restaurants in HB

Posted by on September 30, 2012

I’ve googled quite a bit looking for things to do with my kids and places to eat but they are so generic that is is hard to determine if the recommendations are any good.  Especially since my wife and I have an infant and toddler, we normally like to go to places that have more noise and also more tolerant to kids.

Here are a couple of places that we find that seem pretty good

1.  Zubie Dry Dock (Magnolia and Adams) – great place.  Bench seating and there’s an arcade section.  The place is somewhat noisy to begin with and other people bring their kids so it’s a great place.  Your kids can be running around having a blast and you don’t have to worry about disturbing someone else meal.

2. Cappy’s (on PCH between HB and Newport Beach, it’s on the Newport Beach side) – this is a breakfast place.  Though not my number one pick but the fact that it’s pretty noisy in there, it worked out well.  I think the best part was that the owner ask the waitress to give our kids some toys (they were inexpensive toys that they kids could bring home) and that kept one of them quiet for a while.

3.  Islands (Brookhurst and Ellis) – I’m really iffy about putting this place on there.  I’ve been there when it’s noisy and I’ve been there was it was quiet.  On the busier nights, when it’s noisy it works out great.  But I’m sure that most of the other chain restaurants would be the same?

I’m always in the hunt looking for different places that are kid friendly and don’t cost and arm and leg for a meal (cough cough Rain Forest Cafe cough cough).  If you have any good suggestion, please feel free to post a comment and let me know.


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